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Mastodon by Werefox Software

Thanks for considering Werefox Software! masto.werefoxsoftware.com is an instance self-hosted and administered by @shadow8t4@masto.werefoxsoftware.com, and is part of the Werefox Software collection of services. We hope you give us a chance by joining our instance, group chat, and/or interacting with us in general. Here are just a few things you should keep in mind if you are thinking of using our services.

Goals of Werefox Software

  • Provide an open and inclusive community throughout a collection of self-hosted and publicly available services.
  • Administer clear communication between members and administrators/moderators.
  • Maintain a safe environment across platforms for members.
  • Strive to provide services and features that appeal to our members and their needs.


We expect new users to at least adhere to the guidelines outlined on the flagship instance's about page, listed here, in addition to the following:
  • Posts should have a content warning attached and will be removed otherwise if they contain the following:
    • NSFW content, art, or language.
    • Political discussion, articles, quotes, depictions, etc.
    • Advertisements, including personal ones.
    • Content known to be triggering towards other users on the instance.
    • Repeated posts generally longer than the default character limit (160 characters).

In more detail, we have a curated list of guidelines listed out here.

We also block (suspend) the following instances:
  • pl.smuglo.li
  • shitposter.club
  • freezepeach.xyz
  • sealion.club
  • rainbowdash.net
  • gs.smuglo.li
  • pawoo.net
  • unsafe.space
  • notmastodon.xyz
  • pleroma.rareome.ga
  • loli.estate
  • bofa.lol
  • the.headgehoghunter.club
  • newjack.city
  • thechad.zone

Services provided include:

  • This Mastodon instance.
    • Halcyon front-end (A twitter-like interface compatible with Mastodon and Pleroma)
    • Pinafore front-end (An alternative web client for Mastodon, focused on speed and simplicity)
  • A public Git server (hosted by Gitea): here
  • A Matrix chatroom: #homeroom:matrix.werefoxsoftware.com
  • A Telegram chatroom (bridged with the Matrix chatroom): here.
  • A Discord server (bridged with the Matrix chatroom): here.

Please also note that our system emails are hosted by @c1t7@vcity.network and because of the nature of the setup, our emails *may* be sent directly to spam if you use a Gmail account. We believe that has been fixed, but it's worth mentioning in case it still happens.

Current Administrators/Moderators

@shadow8t4@masto.werefoxsoftware.com (Admin)

Server Specs

Werefox Software's collection of services runs on two server machines currently, hosted through a reverse SSH connection on a Vultr VPS.

Mastodon and Matrix:

System: Dell Inspiron (modified)
Model: Inspiron 3647
CPU: Intel i5 4670 quad-core @3.4-3.8Ghz
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4600
RAM: 16 Gb @1600Mhz
OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04

Gitea and Main Site:

System: Pine64
Model: A64
CPU: Allwinner A64/R18 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core
GPU: Mali-400 MP2
RAM: 512 Gb
OS: Armbian 5.60

Last updated: 26th of October, 2018