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Also: I figured it might be as simple as forwarding the port to my VPS and making the VPS the end point.

That doesn't seem to work.

Does anyone have any idea how one would set up a VPN connection with a server behind a reverse ssh proxy?
I'm using wireguard if that helps.

all because I wanted to use a docker container and ssh tunnels lmao fuck me

hello and welcome to my site where there's nothing to see here because I can't fgujjkijng get ghost wroking

mastodon -
I'm trying to run stuff through ssh tunnels...
but I'm dummy thicc...
and the sound of my ass cheeks clapping together keeps ruining my nginx config.

This was supposed to be easy. I cannot for the life of me get ghost to be accessible and I can't figure out why

It would appear someone is trying to run a brute force attack against my VPS.


Also I guess tomorrow's challenge is getting the netdata docker container to display the dashboard I want.

I have no idea how docker containers work nor this application so this will be interesting.

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Hey if any of y'all wanna join me on developing this thing, I'd seriously appreciate it. The project's current name is "Installation Management Suite" and it's GPL 3.0 Licensed.


✅ Switch connected
✅ Stuffed the R610 with RAM
✅ Set up the R210 because I miss living next to an airport
✅ Found some USB's
✅ Found some wine.

Setting up my #homelab tonight. First up, upgrading the decade old BIOS's without bricking them. Then install #proxmox on the R610 and see if I can add the R210 to it later. And IDK figure out how a Netgear switch works.

Install script *should* now successfully set most things up. From here it's just a matter of adding items to lists.

Right now, I'm not automating stuff like specific themes and system settings too much. Just really software, plugins, and general usage.

Next: System OS/Arch detection. Currently have 3 scripts for Arch/Debian/RHEL based OSes. Gonna try to merge them.

hey I wanna set up a raspberry pi to display remote system information from a sever(s). Any suggestions on software I'd use to go about doing that? Or would I just essentially writing something myself?

I'm seeing this Firefox thing happening in Tor browser. Someone at Mozilla has fucked up bigtime and is exposing a lot of users to security problems. The fact that this is so centralized is also an architectural weakness.
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