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I can't wait to have my own place so I can stream nerdy cool shit like this in my free time.

is there a freenas for raspi or something? I need to look some stuff up more, but I might move my file server back to a raspi and I wanna make it available either publicly or through a VPN.... Thoughts? Best practices?

So for whatever reason, my NUC disconnected from the VPS and I don't know why it didn't reconnect. Not sure what's going on here.

Want to budget for apartment, but want to change domain name...

Hey just so y'all know elder scrolls blades is fucking garbage. I mean, the gameplay itself is neat, but there are so many microtransactions that it's not even really worth it.
Bethesda, I expect this behavior from you now, but seriously, get your shit together before you become another EA or Konami.

Should've stayed on mastodon to get that cool verified mastodon influencer rank

here's a preview of how I'm thinking I'm gonna handle the Discord integration, the only thing I'm still debating is if I wanna stick to a single Discord with a channel for each topic, or if I want to intigrate an opt-in system for my existing discord bot that can monitor the #general channel for each one and pull data from that instead. The only other thing I need to figure out is Mii generation, and porting my image rendering program to Java for on the fly conversion.

yeah sex is cool but have you ever put the usb in right on the first try

can we just talk about how Donkey Kong 64 is the most broken mess of a programmed game but it's incredible at the same time

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