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hi, i'm telecommunications magnate and philanthropist and all-round person Boland Fuckmodem, and this is my new high-speed modem protocol, known as Modem

@izaliamae merp API

GET /api/v1/merp
#=> { "merp" }

POST /api/v1/merp
amount: the amount of merps to receive

#=> { ["merp", "merp", "merp"] }

I'm running Folding@home on the NUC since I haven't set it up yet to run these services and I think that's a much better use of its time.

Fediverse user eli b is not forgotten. This painting lives on

>> Instead of freaking out about how ‘small’ Gumroad actually is (like I thought they would), our creators have grown more loyal. It feels like we’re all in this together, trying to do earn a living doing what we love.

Soon, we will also open-source the whole product, WordPress-style. Anyone will be able to deploy their own version of Gumroad, make the changes they want, and sell the content they want, without us being the middle-man. <<

It's done! New banner/header image!
it's also in 16:9 so it should make a neat wallpaper too.
Art was done by @ribbonfemale on birdsite, and I got this as a commission for supporting her Patreon (
Reply here if you want any of her other links!!

(sorry for the re-upload, had to request an edit)

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