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#introductions #tumblrmigration #Dec17 hi all, I'm branching out from the, I'm 36, completing my Bachelor thesis for #mediastudies at Metropolitan University Prague, Czech Republic, and gunning for Masters and then PhD in the same. My main topic of interest are #newmedia #AI and #digitalartificialbeings

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I should... lock my account again and stop posting everything publicly lol

Yayyy I was able to get back into my onboarding process for new job

That's why most of my toots are shitpost cus my thoughts are shit

I'm still kinda tired tho so idk if I'll go back to sleep for a bit.

Dude I actually slept for more than a couple hours at a time this time.

Why do I keep waking up in two hour intervals I just wanna sleep: a personal story by me

To help myself fall asleep sometimes I put all the AVGN episodes on shuffle

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