It only took until halfway through the month but I actually fixed my avatar with the right colors with the correct flag pattern ughghghghg

@Violet hecc I'm just an stupid American so I have no concept of how far that is but it seems far and that's really neato

What's up guys back from accidentally taking out the Windows install drive on my desktop and formatting it lmao...

@hal sure thing I used to be a chat mod so I would definitely appreciate someone sending me that kind of info if there's a problem. A lot of times stuff that happens behind closed doors like that never gets communicated so often time mods don't even know there's an issue, sometimes until it's too late.

@hal telegram? There's no formal way of reporting from what I remember, but you should have a chat admin or leader or whatever that you can send a message to explaining all this. I would screenshot chat logs rather than forwarding them, it will make it more authentic than just the individual texts.

@yatchi from forum posts and person experience it basically seems like all it ends up doing is tagging traffic that your isp is just going to ignore and routers don't actually have the processing power to handle as far as throttling, etc. Essentially making it so you can get much faster speeds from just turning the function off altogether. I've had it on for my network for a couple weeks and I'm gonna test it out while it's off and come back to this.

@hal you should really report that person in whatever group you're in with anon chat logs and block them.

@lashman It's just really tone deaf for a company that thus far has touted they're all about creating competition and making jobs for the industry.

@lashman the worst is they are probably getting paid to be on this show and if they're genuinely looking for a job then you're only temporarily boosting them with income when they're really hurting for a stable amount of money in their bank account every month, so even if you were to say something like "yeah but they're getting paid to be on the show" that doesn't *really* justify it if they'll be back on the streets shortly after. It just prolongs their search.

@lashman It's not funny to make fun of people who are trying to find work and make them feel even worse. That's just fucking cruel.


Through a bit more research basically learned that QoS is a piece of trash for home usage.

Basically what I expected, given the garbage "settings" I was allowed to control on the router itself.

Why did I seriously take the time to find the exact color codes for the trans pride flag colors no one seems to have put that much effort into their bgs lmao

How excited are you for animal crossing and do you get this reference?

Sorry I didn't get to livetoot the Nintendo E3 conference I was at work, but I assure you, I watched it live, and it was incredible.

I'm still upset AMD doesn't have a high end Navi GPU for us. Oh well.

Are we just not gonna talk about how the Navi GPU announcement was disappointing as hell

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