Thought someone might appreciate this box art I found in the office.

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It's done! New banner/header image!
it's also in 16:9 so it should make a neat wallpaper too.
Art was done by @ribbonfemale on birdsite, and I got this as a commission for supporting her Patreon (
Reply here if you want any of her other links!!

(sorry for the re-upload, had to request an edit)

New icon by @ribbonfemale on birdsite! It's so good!! Aaaaaaa

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New server is here. It's an Intel NUC 8i5BEH. I slotted 16gb of RAM and a 250gb M.2 SSD. Probably gonna have a secondary SSD as well later on.

When you are at work doing training but you're also a huge runescape nerd

@pinafore idk if anyone made an issue on this, but thought I'd do a post to let ya know. NSFW content not rendering properly when scrolling.

Finished building this beautiful & cute Inari shrine model I got at Epcot in Disney World.

Here tumblr users it's my sister's cat, her name is Kat, it's short for Katherine the great.

First desk is completely set up. I know it's a mess of wires but tbh this is what I have to work with lol (also keep in mind there's an 8 device network switch hooked up in here)

Setting up the new desks today. I got one of them put together, the other one will have to wait until tomorrow because it's just gonna take too long.

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