Here tumblr users it's my sister's cat, her name is Kat, it's short for Katherine the great.

First desk is completely set up. I know it's a mess of wires but tbh this is what I have to work with lol (also keep in mind there's an 8 device network switch hooked up in here)

Setting up the new desks today. I got one of them put together, the other one will have to wait until tomorrow because it's just gonna take too long.

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Soem more clear pictures of the box art and all that was included in the Brütal Legend indiebox I just got.

Received my Brütal Legend indiebox today. I'll probably give away the steam code I got for it, cus I already own the game. :P

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Ok come on there is actually no way I own this estimated amount worth of physical games.

I'm gonna return the controller because I bought it thinking it was the switch NES one oops lol.
still, went to pick up Tearaway and that was my main goal for getting out today.

Woah this should not be that price. If I didn't already own one I'd pick up.

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