Got new avi, gonna update it with a gay bg but haven't had a chance yet so here's the art.
artist: @ribbonfemale on Twitter

New art from @ribbonfemale on Twitter!
I wanted a majora's mask link theme, but tbh I think it could work for either game on the n64.

Massdrop released these keycaps as one of their drops and I sprung on it IMMEDIATELY.
These are my colors!!! issue is in PWA on 1.3.1 scrolling doesn't seem to track properly (or something along those lines), i.e. Viewing media or other pop up displays is disjointed, and I can continue to scroll. This issue also pops up when I scroll to the bottom since it doesn't seem to know when to load more posts because of this issue. I'm using Firefox mobile on a pixel 3 on the latest Android OS. Requesting desktop app solves the issue.

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It's done! New banner/header image!
it's also in 16:9 so it should make a neat wallpaper too.
Art was done by @ribbonfemale on birdsite, and I got this as a commission for supporting her Patreon (
Reply here if you want any of her other links!!

(sorry for the re-upload, had to request an edit)

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New server is here. It's an Intel NUC 8i5BEH. I slotted 16gb of RAM and a 250gb M.2 SSD. Probably gonna have a secondary SSD as well later on.

@pinafore idk if anyone made an issue on this, but thought I'd do a post to let ya know. NSFW content not rendering properly when scrolling.

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