I'm almost at 200 followers!!!
What a milestone for a shitposting furry girl like me!!!

@shadow8t4 to boost ur follow count also bc its nice to have nice on my tootline

@succfemboi If you've just brought up your instance or the instance has not federated with mine much, the follow/following counts can be a bit wrong. The server pulls whatever is cached and if it has never queried for that information it's probably gonna be wrong. Additionally, locking accounts can be kinda weird. Just all quirks I've noticed over my time admining masto/pleroma. At least, that's how I understand it.

@shadow8t4 I think delete and redraft breaks on pleroma. I think that feature has even been remove on mastofe but I'm not shure

@succfemboi I was asked this a lot, especially when I was still running Pleroma and communicated more with @kaniini and I would definitely like to look into hosting Pleroma again someday. In fact, it would be nice to be hosting both a Mastodon and Pleroma instance side by side, but I have yet to iron out the logistics of that.

@succfemboi I sent it, then deleted it and modified it and sent it again. Pleroma might have issues with that, I don't remember if they ever fixed it. Sorry!

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