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So hey I've already finished 3 games this year, here's a list so y'all can help me keep track:
- Zelda: OOT
- Gone Home

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I've heard we're getting a new influx of Tumblr users, so here's some self-promo to anyone looking to make new friendos.

I make a ton of shitposts but also good posts. I am a huge computer and video game nerd, and I wanna be a game developer some dayyyyy....

Expect a mix of toots that are just jokes and live toots of my life because honestly I'm a living meme.

I run the instance I'm on, if you want more info or any of my social accounts look through my profile sometime.

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What's up gaymers today I'm gonna be teaching you how to hack into my minecraft server make sure to asshole that demolish button and sub2yungtown

where do you guys buy mechanical keyboard switches? I'm looking for cherry mx blue rgb ones

holy fuck i used to put in the bare minimum amount of thought required for programming on school assignments

Big hero academia wallpaper, watching AMVs reading Manga posts Holy shit this kid is a furry in the making I love it

I wanna creep on them but their a minor and that's creepy I would hate that if I were in their position but like I can't help feeling the nostalgia


you do some really neat stuff and we rarely interact which is kinda sad to me but oh well

hey masto admins how do I set up masto to delete old cache? I have stored like 180GB and I'm essentially a singer user instance lmao....

pretty sure you followed me a while back and I mean hey art and games are cool so you're obviously cool

hey I'm super heckin' bored at an airport. like for subtoot?

Good thing I at least got a VPN setup before I left. I don't trust open airport wifi one bit.

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