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So hey I've already finished 3 games this year, here's a list so y'all can help me keep track:
- Zelda: OOT
- Gone Home

Wow I just made a HUGE mistake and followed a bunch of people using 's "Who to follow" feature and why did I do that because this instance is going down when I move to anyway aaaaaaa

All those people are gonna hate me because I'm gonna have to follow them again in like a week or whenever I get that done

If I wanted to custom paint a gpu or w/e what would I use to do so? I just don't want to do soemthing stupid.

Oh hey I made an egg Sunnyside up on whole wheat toast and it was actually really good. No bad for someone who literally never makes food.

But yeah next time I should actually utilize my toaster.

Wtf I just toasted bread on a pan when I actually have a toaster right here what is my problem

I can't believe I'm applauding myself for making a grilled cheese and an egg sunny-side up.

I'm not a chef in any way shape or form but I know I need butter in the pan and to be patient.

When you like buns 

This has got to be the only gas station in San Antonio that requires you to prepay with one of the cashiers god that's stupid.

I really need to find the time to switch over this domain, most of the subdomains are already up I just need to switch over matrix and Mastodon.

Thoughts on moving the VPS to a provider that has locations closer to me? Currently all requests get forwarded to Texas from New York. Not exactly the best.

I just wanted to pick up some pokemon cards while I'm out but they're all out and there are kids everywhere @ this Target

Re-organizing the studio. This server is now directly connected to the router, so ping is not really getting much faster than this.

Finally got fail2ban installed on the VPS. Immediately proceeded to ban the bot that’s been trying to brute force its way into the server for months lmao.

@amic I just bought a soldering station and it's not that one have I committed a sin

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