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Hey @everyone who interacts with me I am very sorry if I take a day or two to respond or like or whatever, I am not ignoring you most likely, I just have a job where I can't have my phone or access mastodon most of the time!! :c

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So hey I've already finished 3 games this year, here's a list so y'all can help me keep track:
- Zelda: OOT
- Gone Home

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I've heard we're getting a new influx of Tumblr users, so here's some self-promo to anyone looking to make new friendos.

I make a ton of shitposts but also good posts. I am a huge computer and video game nerd, and I wanna be a game developer some dayyyyy....

Expect a mix of toots that are just jokes and live toots of my life because honestly I'm a living meme.

I run the instance I'm on, if you want more info or any of my social accounts look through my profile sometime.

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shitty design idea for a mastodon front-end:
All posts are represented by their post ID, you can only view one stream of posts at a time (i.e. notifications, home, federated TL, etc.), and if you want to view what a post says you have to go to a browser or fetch HTML for the post using the post ID.

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if I am trans MtF and take off my shirt but I'm still a male does that count as female presenting nipples???
🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔

sorry to announce I'm gay guys I know I didn't even realize it wow shocker sorry guys I'm getting banned by google now

Petition for replies to posts to by default be set to the same privacy level as the original post.

@vantablack mastodon not only needs rich text, it also need signatures

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"Live laugh love" -- Albert Einstein

me, my roommates and all my mutuals whenever I talk about pokémon feelings #shugoart #mastoart #furry

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That's a shitpost but like it's also not far off you could basically already do this if you wanted

Coming in 2025: using machine learning to artificially create virtual 3d models of actual people that learn how to behave from those people's data that's sold by facebook

Could you imagine is facebook phones actually caught on
Like there would be so many privacy issues considering how often they're in the news about shit like that
Facebook phones truly would be OSaaS and SMaaS
(operating systems as a service and social media as a service)

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