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I've heard we're getting a new influx of Tumblr users, so here's some self-promo to anyone looking to make new friendos.

I make a ton of shitposts but also good posts. I am a huge computer and video game nerd, and I wanna be a game developer some dayyyyy....

Expect a mix of toots that are just jokes and live toots of my life because honestly I'm a living meme.

I run the instance I'm on, if you want more info or any of my social accounts look through my profile sometime.

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The new tumblr inspired "micro" UI is ready! It will be released with federation support. #pixelfed #tumblr

Ah! We were down for a while there. My VPS had to be rebooted on my provider's end for hardware issues. A quick second reboot fixed the connection issue.

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Bury me with sunglasses so I can be a cool skeleton

Wait how will they stay on if I don't have ears or a nose in skele form?

I'll have to think this through

we as a society do not talk enough about paper mario: the thousand-year door

i took the kinsey test and i got a seven (Ultra Gay)

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